Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stitch Tip: Organizing Embroidery Floss

During a project it’s tempting 
to yank the floss from the skein.   
For me. at least one of them gets 
gnarly and wadded up in knots 
(the green floss illustrates the results of that experience).     

It occurred to me to simply get an index card/ 
scrap of card stock, punch holes and 
slip the floss through it.   

Labeling the color is another wise move 
as I have a habit of misplacing the labels 
if it falls off the skein.     
Before sliding the floss through the hole 
I cut it into 12” -15” strands.      

This keeps the floss nice and smooth 
and I have the joy of perpetuating my personal myth 
that I am organized.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Tomatoes: A Summer Harvest

 poached eggs, yukon gold potatoes and slow roasted tomatoes
It’s been such an odd summer. 
Feel like I say that every year.   
With the cool weather the tomatoes have taken forever to ripen.   
Early in August I diligently checked every few days 
and without positive reinforcement of a ripe tomato, I…
well …forgot.   

Had my parents over for brunch yesterday 
and before they left I suggested we see 
if I had a tomato or two for them.   
Well…they went home with 10-20 tomatoes.   
The roma plant was exploding with ripe tomatoes.

Noooowww I understand why people can tomatoes. 
In previous years I’d pick the one two tomatoes that were ready 
and cook them….next day or two, do the same.   
One year it got really crazy in the garden :-) 
 and I had 6 or 7 at one time. 
I canned them.   

Thing is, all the tomato peeling, steamy, boiling water 
and canning a couple of tomatoes 
in humid August for a couple jars of tomatoes….
let’s just say Whole Foods has some very nice tomatoes 
and do I really need to spend 
my precious free time doing that?   

But here I am with 30 + tomatoes….
and what to do.   
The idea of peeling all of these tomatoes was not appealing. 
Flipping through Canning For A New Generation 
I checked to see if there were alternatives.    
Found a blurb on slow roasting tomatoes with herbs
at 200 degrees for 10 hours.   
Once cooled, freeze them.    
Worth a try and it sounded
 like a logical thing to do while I slept. 

slow roasted tomatoes with garlic, fennel seed and basil
I woke up to the fantastic aroma 
of what it must be like to live in a robust Italian family.   
Garlic, fennel seed and basil blended with the tomatoes.  
 Truly fabulous.   
They are super sweet and am now, finally,
 convinced tomatoes are indeed a fruit.

I’m hoping a few of them make it to the freezer 
just so I see if they thaw well in a few months.   
Can I wait that long?