Sunday, December 22, 2013

Coffeebar- Intelligentsia

 My new favorite place for coffee. 

I have seen their coffee beans at whole foods and standard market 
but had no idea they had coffee bars. 
Clearly I need to go into the city more often.  

 Love them!   

And wish they were closer to me so I could try 
one of everything…immediately.   
As the caffeine high would make impossible to be around 
I had to choose one.

The photo above is of a mocha latte.
Wonderful, but not my order.

  But I had the RuvumbuRwanda individual brew coffee
with side of steamed soy milk.   
Dark, rich and complex.   
I was rotating drinking it black and 
in another cup 
with the soy milk.  
 It was amazing either way.  
 I will need to pick up the beans the next time I’m shopping. 

A little caffeine never hurts to get us to the finish line...
Christmas :-)

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