Monday, October 21, 2013

1933 Chicago World's Fair Homes of Future

exhibited at the 1933 World’s Fair held in Chicago.    
These homes were meant to last 75 days 
and here they are more than 75 years later.  

After the fair these homes crossed Lake Michigan 
on a barge and were literally set 
directly on the sand of the Indiana Dunes.   
After years of sinking into the sand 
they now are all being worked on.

They require a great of rehab and I was surprised to hear they are owned by private individuals.  Due to this I was not allowed to takes a photo inside which is a shame.   There were several more homes but they were either in full reconstruction and or I couldn’t get a good angle.  
Each has an amazing view of  Lake Michigan. 
The architecture is primarily Art Deco which was fun to see.    
Especially so because Chicago is focused on bungalows 
and buildings from the Arts & Crafts era.   
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Mom shared with me that my grandparents moved to Chicago 
specifically due to the World’s Fair.   
My Grandfather, then living on a farm in southern Illinois, 
worked for the post office 
and he was asked to be one of the representatives 
for a booth that had post office workers from around the world.   
Odd that I never had asked what brought my grandparents to Chicago.  
 It’s amazing how many stories and factoids 
I have yet to hear about people that are so dear to me.  
 And so glad to know this now.

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