Friday, December 7, 2012


Here is a quick and easy project for the weekend.  

Supplies for a needle book: 

·         mid to heavy  weight fabric of your preference

·         felt at least 2 inches larger, than above mentioned fabric, in diameter. cut into two equal pieces.

·         sewing thread

·         Optional: interfacing
You can embroider a design (or not) on the front side of fabric or simply use the fabric alone as your design.
Steps 2 through 9 are directions you will find in my DIY EmbroideryKit for the Monarch Needle Book.  I have included a step 1 so you can create a needle book case on your own or modify any of my kits into a needle book case if desired.
Have fun and comment below if you have questions. 

***all designs and directions are copy righted to Prairie Garden and are for personal use and not for duplication.***


Introverted Art said...

oh this looks so pretty. I love the colors.

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