Sunday, December 16, 2012

China Tea Cup

Daily life tends to be routine. 

Regardless of intentions I have the same tea, 
day after day.   
Love my daily tea but I do like to experiment too.

 On my last vacation I thought it was a great opportunity 
to try all whim tea purchases I had made. 

Settling in to the still moments of vacation 
and trying my “new” teas 
I realized all I tasted was the dish washing detergent 
of the mug I was using.   

That started a mission to find a fine porcelain tea cup.   
Let me tell you, that was no easy task. 

Finally found a store that carried them
and bought one (okay, two…) 
and realized Grandma was right, 
tea does taste better out of china tea cup.**  
 Every nuance to the tea was available for contemplation.

Now I have a new routine, china tea cups.

** porcelain is less porous than ceramic or stoneware 
so less likely to absorb strong flavors, 
such as soap.

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China Tour Operator said...

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