Friday, August 24, 2012

The Patient Gardener: Bottle Gentian

Bottle Gentian
Gentiana andrewsii
Gentian family (Gentianaceae)

This is an beautiful plant for the patient gardener.   
I discovered on a garden tour Roy Diblik 
was giving at Lurie Garden recently. 
When starting from seed, 
this plant takes 7 years to get to the point where it will bloom.   
It will bloom each year after but most of us will weed it out 
prior to that stage as the leaves are rather unremarkable.   
This is especially the case if you plant it in a freshly tilled area 
 where the plant is competing with the weeds.
As a result, the best way is to wait until your plants are established 
in your garden for 3-5 years 
and then sprinkle the seed in the middle of the plant, 
such as this catmint variety, 
and hope it pops up between the stems.  
 Now, if you do the math…
that means you won’t see a flower for 12 years 
if starting your garden from scratch.   
Talk about about planting for the next generation!

There is another option.  
 Find a patient purveyor that has planned ahead for you.   
You can purchase it, at an understandably premium cost, 
and obtain some immediate gratification.   
Not surprisingly you can find it at Roy Diblik’s 

It’s on my list for my next visit.

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