Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Refrigerator Pickles

Love growing cucumbers 
but I have difficulty finding recipes.
Odd, but true.  
 A recipe I used to make all the time 
calls for fresh dill, which I grow in abundance.
But by the time my cucumbers are ready for harvest 
my dill is going to seed.  
 Recently I learned I should plant dill seed at the same time 
I plant the cucumber seeds 
rather than expecting to use your self seeded dill.  

 Good to know for next year but what to do this year?

I’ve begun making refrigerator pickles 
and above is a Persian Tarragon Pickles 
 that I have to let cure for 4 weeks 
and the other (center) is an Indonesian Quick Pickle 
that you can dip into within hours.   
Both are perfect for having just one or two pickles available 
which is ideal for me.   

Waiting to try the Persian Pickles but 
the Indonesian Quick Pickle is a hit with my family. 
Super fresh tasting and practically begs 
to be put on a Chicago Hot Dog.    
I’ve made 3 jars in the last week 
and intend to make more this week. 

It’s so much fun finding new recipes 
 I have several more pickles recipes flagged 
to try from this book.

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