Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lurie Garden and Roy Diblik

 Driving into the city at 7 am on a sunny Saturday is joy.   
Very little traffic and the quiet city streets are surreal.   
What is even more surreal 
is finding an amazing meadow 
amongst the skyscrapers and sculptures. 
 And that’s Lurie Garden.  

One of the gardeners that has been involved 
with the garden from the day the first plant 
was placed in this meadow is Roy Diblik.   
Roy is a visionary gardener, educator and owner of 
Northwind Perennial Farm in Burlington, Wisconsin.   
 He is educating Americans 
on what it really means to be a gardener.  
 Not the person that buys a bucket of annuals in May 
and places them at their front door.   
But the gardener that respects the earth, 
the climate and the structure of a plant. 

Roy gently explains that Americans have been gardening
for less than a century and we are just beginning to really learn 
what it's really all about.   
Our history is more about farming than gardening.  
 He is wonderful at illustrating how gardening 
does not need to be a chore 
and there is a lot more joy to be found in the garden 
than trying to figure out how to make a plant bloom the entire summer.

If you live in the area make his farm a stop.   
If you see he is conducting a tour at LurieGarden 
sign up immediately.  I know I do.

 Yes, I’m feeling a bit like a groupie.

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