Saturday, July 28, 2012


 Since going vegan my life got a lot simpler.   
I often am sautéing a mélange of vegetables for lunch or dinner, 
typically whatever combination I had in the fridge.   
Any and all vegetables make it in the pan.

As I was assessing what I had for lunch 
I decided I should take simple a few steps further.   
Why not just 1 or 2 vegetables
instead of 5 or 6?   
As I was at the farmers market this morning 
picking up this beautiful medallion onion 
and found a zucchini just short of too big,in my garden,
 there was no better time to taste vegetables as fresh as they get.

The onion was from Iron Creek Farm
usually my first stop at the Oak Park Market.   
I wish I brought my camera.   
The “sea” of white onions was truly beautiful.

This is my complete lunch.   
I did add garbanzo beans 
(more for rounding out the nutrients than flavor) and basil.  
 It was good, uncomplicated and tasted like summer. 

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