Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chai - the real thing

Most mornings I have Green Mint Tea from Rishi.   
But the tins have been stacking up 
and what to do with all of those tins?
 Finally I checked out the Rishi website to reorder 
the tea alone and spent at least a week 
looking at all of the teas they make.   
If you are tea drinker you know how exciting 
a new tea can be, but also how disappointing 
it is to buy a not inexpensive tea 
and well, not like it.    
Every time you pass the tea you feel guilty about it 
and refuse to throw it out.   
Well, let me tell you …
the Rishi site is exciting because you can buy ounce bags 
which are perfect.   
I went a little crazy and tried a lot of different teas.    

This is a Masala Chai that I made with vanilla soy milk.
This is some serious chai folks.   
The spices are powerful, decadent and 
stay on your palate long after you’ve finished.   
Let’s just say I won’t be walking by this tea with any guilt.   
It does make want to go out for Indian food however….
and the soy chai I loved at coffee houses and restaurants?
Well they now taste like warm milk and a touch of cinnamon, 
a pale imitation.


KevCondition said...

Love this post Liane, and more importantly, I'm thirsty. Pour me a cup will you! LOL

PrairieGarden-Liane said...

Hey Kevin, this stuff is addictive!