Monday, July 16, 2012

Calendula Petals

 I’ve been growing calendula for the last few years. 
They're pretty, profuse and self-seed.   
What more could you ask for?   

Well, they offer a lot more that that. 
 Calendula petals are edible, a food colorant 
and used in many lotions, salves and balms. 

 The petals contain an oil that acts as a disinfectant
and is soothing to bites, scratches and even bruises.  
 This summer, while I dead head the spent blooms,
I’m gathering the petals 
so I can try a few of these projects.   
In fact, I’m anxious to get some made as 
I have many garden injuries that could benefit 
from a salve right about now.

Check out one of my favorite web stores   
They also have a blog with several recipes I intend to try.   
And if you want to try one or two of the recipes yourself 
but are sad to say aren’t growing calendula?  
 Well, Mountain Rose Herbs will sell you calendula petals! 

 And no, this is not a paid advertisement :-)

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