Sunday, January 8, 2012

And the winner is....

Thank you everyone for the welcome back to blogging. 
I decided to draw a second name for the heart pouch.  
I hope you all stop back for a visit and share your stories.

 Someone mentioned that on Sundays
I seem to post a photo of food. 
Not to dissapoint J above is my breakfast. 

A few months ago I moved to a practically vegan diet and minimal oil.  
I’m trying to keep the fat intake to nuts only. 
After getting over the initial shock I’ve found I actually prefer it. 
(That's shocking in itself!)
For breakfast today I sautéed kale
(substituting Pacific brand vegetable stock for the oil), 
a rare treat of potatoes
(also sautéed in the vegetable stock, no clue how they ended up that color)
and a poached egg. 

I don’t normally have eggs in the house but
they came in my Fresh Picks organic delivery this week. 
They are from Hedge Row Farm, an Amish Farm, and are wonderful.
Hope you are having a fun and relaxing weekend
and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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