Saturday, September 24, 2011


Last year my Dad had dug up some stray asters, a friendly bird deposited in the garden. He kept one for himself and gave me 7 seedlings. By the time I had planted them, in various spots in the garden, they looked quite sad
and I didn't hold out a lot of hope for their survival.
All summer I had this enormous plant (4-5 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide)
growing in the middle of my garden.  I can’t tell you how many times
I considered digging it up, worried it was a weed. 
Well about two weeks ago it bloomed and I discovered
it was one of the asters. 
It's completely caked with blooms. 
Thanks Dad!


Tish said...

Very nice! Don't you just love those kind of surprises? ... ^_^

PrairieGarden-Liane said...

I know! :-)

julie cavender said...

Beautiful plant! Love that color!

PrairieGarden-Liane said...

Thanks Julie.
I'm missing it right about now...