Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TRIVIA: Chelone glabra – Turtlehead

from left to right: Dwarf Butterfly Bush, my new solar light (works great) and Pink Turtlehead

This late summer bloomer is great. 
Turtlehead has dark green leaves which create a nice contrast to
neighboring silver leaves and lime green leaves. 
It’s also a part sun/part shade plant
which makes it easier to position in the garden. 
The plant is called turtlehead because
when looking at the bud from the side
it resembles a turtles head, how clever. 
The opening is perfect for bumble bees to fit in. 
If I can get a shot of that with my camera I’ll be sure to share it later.
Early settlers called Turtlehead “Balmony”
because they made an ointment with the leaves
that relieved itching /skin irritations.
Native Americans apparently brewed it
into a bitter tea as a tonic and a laxative.
Not sure I'll be trying that anytime soon.

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