Monday, August 1, 2011

August Calendar

As I was weeding last week
and looking at my tall Shasta daisy flopping over
I realized I had hoped to remind myself to stake them in the spring.
How to remember next year?
Geninne creates wonderful computer screen backgrounds each month and
shares them with her bloggers.
 It occurred to me I should simply do
 the same sort of calendar with some of my  garden reminders. 
 If you live in zone 4-6 you may find the reminders helpful
and feel free to click on this link
to save the image in high resolution to your desktop.
I think I’ll keep Geninne’s at work
and my garden calendar at home.


laruelapalooza said...

Oh thanks for the calendar! I always forget the garden stuff that's supposed to be done so far in advance. And I love your journals! Is there a link to go to for purchasing one?

PrairieGarden-Liane said...

Hi laruelapalooza!
The joke with gardeners is we are always hopeful that next year we'll be better. I think all that soil creates optimism.

You can find my garden journals at