Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Breakfast - Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry season is upon us.

I have several pounds of blueberries
and what to do with them all?

Decided to be decadent on this stormy Sunday morning
and make blueberry pancakes. 
Oddly, I don’t think I’ve ever made blueberry pancakes before. 
Always been a purist when it comes to pancakes.

They were quite good…
and filling…
I think I need to go lay down for awhile…


HedgeGoddess said...

Might you share the recipe? :)
Some of us...meaning, me...would like to partake of blueberry tastiness! I make a pretty good 'box mix' pancake, but these look like scratch, to my culinary wandering eye...

~ Bridget

PrairieGarden-Liane said...

Ah Bridget... I don't remember the last time I made pancakes from scratch. I'm afraid my latest favorite box mix is from Trader Joes. I just sprinkled a heavy dose of blueberries on each pancake on the griddle. Too easy and so good!