Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Self Seeders: Dill and Day Lily

My neighbor is one of the best gardeners at nurturing self seeders.
I’m trying to develop the knack, but I also need to develop her discipline.
She is very good about digging up overly aggressive seeders in less desirable areas.
I’m always so proud that they have made it I have a tendency to let it run wild.

Here is my dill, running rampant in the garden.
I have to admit that I’m just fine with it weaving its way through my garden.
It such a nice contrast to the other leaves and clearly I have enough for any dish I may be preparing.


Tish said...

LOL...I only recently discovered that dill is a weed. I used my wild dill recently to make mom's orzo salad.... wow! Never used such fresh dill before and it was wonderful! Have fun with yours!

PrairieGarden-Liane said...

I have often seen it called dillweed in the stores. And it definately is a weed in my garden....a welcome weed at that :-)

HedgeGoddess said...

I think the color and texture contrast of hot orange hemerocallis against grey-green feathery dill is fantastic! Thank you for the pic!

~ Bridget