Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Brunch and The Vadalia Onion

One of the many things we love about the weekends
is we eat when we want,
not when we are expected to.
Free of the established schedules of the weekday
I tend not to eat before 10am.
Well, what typically happens is I begin thinking about what I want to eat around 10 and really eat around 11 / 11:30 am.
A perfect time for brunch and likely how brunch originated, from similar minded souls.

Yesterday on our way to breakfast (yes, really brunch)
we did a quick detour when we saw Shriners selling bags of Vidalia onions.
Those poor guys were out in some unseasonably cold weather,
a very windy and rainy 40 degree day.
I was thrilled to obtain the first Vadalias of the year.
This morning I decided to sauté one and stir it into some tiny french lentils.
I was going to top it with a poached egg but
where did my poacher go I wonder…?
Ah well, I had enough to eat with some strawberries and sliced ciabatta from Trader Joes
with a bit of camembert we picked up at the Marion Street Cheese Market in Oak Park.
The cheese maker and owner of Alemer Cheese Company, from Mankato Minnesota ,
was providing samples and it was an easy sell.
It’s so good!

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