Monday, May 2, 2011

Grass Wars


As I have mentioned previously grass seems to love residing in my garden beds.
It is a constant battle.
This year I’ve come to the reluctant realization
I can’t continue to protect my existing plants
and my wonderful soil when battling the grass war. *
As a result there have been several casualties
in the plant retention department
and replacements are on the on the way.
This euphorbia is one of the replacements.
I bought it mainly for the beautiful foliage
but the blooms are rather interesting
and certainly offer variety to spring flowers found in the garden.

*While I am trying to maintain some tough love during grass removal I am still trying protecting my fantastic earthworms whenever possible. I’m sure I am a source of amusement to my neighbors as I coax (manually and verbally) the worms out of each clump of grassy dirt.

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