Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oak Park Conservatory Plant Sale

love the combination of the moss roses (lime green above), coral bells (deep purple) and jacobs ladder(striated lime and green) just above the coral bells. One of the big parts of being a Master Gardener is volunteering your time. One of the side benefits of helping the community is getting to know other people that have a passion for gardening. We all learn from one another, bounce ideas of landscaping, seed starting, etc. I’m very lucky to be part of a group of wonderful people that help prepare for a plant sale at the Oak Park Conservatory each spring. Our group helps coax seedlings to the impressive plants you would buy. The above photo depicts some of the plants that have made to the great outdoors as they continue to grow in preparation of the plant sale. Most of my groups time is spent in the green houses and work rooms transplanting seedlings, cutting, pruning plants, enjoying the smell of fresh dirt and laughing. The countdown has begun for the plant sale. Will we see you there?

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