Monday, April 11, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

Here is a drawing I just love by Donna McKenzie of corelladesign

She has several versions of this wonderful rabbit. Do swing by her shop and check it out.

Like every good gardener I’ve been busy clearing out last years debris. Often cursing myself for not taking more down and out in the fall. I also have a dreadful problem with grass in my planting beds. It just won’t go away (any advice is welcome).

Well, one of my freshly cleared areas has had a visitor. A momma bunny is making a nest. Rather worried about her and her babies (still to come) as I don’t think she has chosen her spot wisely. Not only had I intended to plant there (note the past tense), it’s not all that well protected and there are many predators in the neighborhood. Feral cats make my backyard part of their daily tours, raccoons prowl the night ensuring I don't dawdle on the way to my door. And there is a wonderfully rambunctious dog next door.

I’m hopeful she is wiser than I give her credit for and survives to see her rabbits leave the nest. Who needs the country when all you have do is look out your own window?

Okay, I still want the country...but this will have to do...

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