Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recycle / ReUse and the crocheted dishcloth

I’ve recently decided the dishcloth makes the best sense
from a recycle/ reuse standpoint.
I finally tried a crocheted dishcloth given to me as a gift….
and years ago.
We won’t go into why I hadn’t used it
(because there really is no good reason)
but I realized the texture of the crochet actually seemed to clean my dishes better!
AND the dishcloth seems to actually reach
the bottom of my tea mugs.
So, naturally I decided I had to learn how to make my own.
I bought my eco cotton,
my crochet hook
and I watched UTube.
I tried a row, started the next row and….
started over.
I tried a row, started the next row and….
decided to knit it :-)
I think knitting takes quite a bit longer but hey,
stick to what you know.
Now, I’m not giving up on crocheting,
I’ll just try it another day.

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