Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ah beads…

Finding the right bead for a journal can take weeks, sometimes months. When I have a successful combination all of the beads for that particular cover get set aside for that one journal.

In April/May one of my suppliers shared the news that the bead for the Silver Lotus on Celadon was discontinued. I quickly bought every bead left and began carrying a paper sample with me everywhere. I scoured my regular suppliers for an alternative, I searched the web for more options. Nothing was right.

Within a few days of my selling my last journal one of my customers, Amy, messaged me asking if I had any more. I explained my dilemma. Within 24 hours Amy suggested a bead I used on my geometric journal. Good eye Amy, I love the combination. Who would have thought the answer was right under my nose all along!

You will be finding this journal in my store within the next few days but I want Amy to get hers (along with a few gifts with purchase) first.

I think I’m even sleeping better now that concern is off my to do list. Ho, ho, ho!

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