Sunday, July 11, 2010

Matilda - the dog I've always wanted

I grew up with dogs and have always wanted one. Sadly I am not home enough to be fair to their needs. As a result, cats have been my adult life pets. I feel a home is not a home without a pet. Chloe, my tortie, died of kidney failure in February and it was a very sad time. She was such a sweet, mild mannered cat.

In May I decided it may be time to bring a pet home again. I discovered Matilda at a Chicago shelter, a 6 year dilute calico…huge and purrs like a motor. When I visited the shelter and I had quickly narrowed my view to 3 or 4 cats, she was at the top of my list. Matilda didn’t beg for my attention but seemed pleasantly surprised each time I circled back to her cage. I had arrived after adoption hours so I knew I would need to sleep on it. I came back again determined to come home with Matitlda and another cat named Napoleon. I would like two; it was regret that I was never able to find the appropriate company for Chloe. When I arrived at the shelter they were both (along with several others) in quarantine due to bad colds, needless to say I was distressed. When I came back the 3rd time Matilda was waiting but sadly Napoleon had not recovered. There are many pros and cons to shelter animals. It’s heart wrenching to choose one but I highly encourage you to consider it. There are so many wonderful animals looking for love, the safety of a good home and a patient, reliable caregiver. Puppies and kittens are of course adorable but I’ve found the more mature animals to be more desirable as they have moved through the period where you have watch their every move to keep them and your home safe. It’s not easy to care for them well and I don’t think everyone is prepared for what it takes. Mature pets, in my opinion, deserve a break. Life has not always been fair to them. Some of Matilda’s most wonderful traits are due to her being a mature cat vs. a kitten. To be honest, I try not to put too many “personal” feelings on my blog however I must tell you, Matilda has turned out to be one of the most amazing cats I have ever encountered. Just as with people, animals do have distinct and individual personalities.
When I brought Matilda home it was like she has always lived here. She honestly seemed to realize the odds of finding a home, after being in a shelter for over a month, were monumental. I am not exaggerating to say she overflowed me with adoration and appreciation for “saving” her, truly she did. Certainly not the stereotypical cat…not that any cat I have had were stereotypical (goes to show you it’s not good to stereotype). Matilda does what she is asked, is laid back , nothing seems to phase her, adores to be petted and is always polite in her request for attention, is equally kind to guests, meows in a pleasant little squeak sort of a sound, patiently waits by her dish when hungry…in short, she is the dog I have always wanted. I don’t believe it is possible to have chosen a more perfect pet for myself. She even appreciates plants and flowers…albeit I prefer to look at them and she seems to like to eat them….ah well, all of us have our issues.

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Gallery Juana said...

So sorry about Chloe. It's always hard.

I enjoyed reading about how you adopted Matilda. She looks sweet in her photos. I love how cats lets us know when they are happy.

You give some good reasons the advantages of adopting a mature cat from a shelter.

I have had Torties twice. I have a Siamese now.