Friday, May 14, 2010

Beer Under Glass

My tasting glass from the Garfield Park Conservatory fundraiser called Beer Under Glass. Artisan beer makers from the Chicago area shared their beers… my favorite was Goose Island's 22nd Anniversary craft.

Several restaurants provided sustenance. Love Marion Street Cheese Market, they presented the classic southern pulled pork sandwich topped with a dollop of cole slaw, peanut slaw thank you very much. And Green Zebra had a wonderful savory bread pudding with a sampling of brie on top.

Fun evening and the cactus are in bloom! Favorite time of year for me. Stop by the conservatory to check it out. Admission is free.
Over the next few days I will be listing several succulent prints in my PrairieGardenStudio. Here are a few prints I have recently made available.

Note: I must admit I was going to take some fun shots of blooms in my beer tasting glass but to be honest…this is the first none rainy day we have this week and I cannot wait to get in the garden!! :-)