Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jewelry Journey

It was inevitable.

I spend a good deal of time looking for just the right beads for my beaded journals. I carry around pieces of the cover paper to supplier to supplier, store after store. Sometimes this takes months. All this time spent searching I have run across so many amazing, one of a kind beads I just find myself staring at, as if mesmerized. My rule has always been if it won’t work for a journal, just walk away.

I have to have these rules because I know beads are a dangerous territory for me. My family jokes that every trip I go on I come back with a pair of earrings. Wherever we go I gravitate towards the handmade earrings and my mother simply shakes her head and indulgently smiles. While I do like precious jewels (I am female after all) I find I enjoy, just as much, an affordable and unusual bead that has a story, catches the light just the perfect way, or has a shape that calls to me. It’s almost as though they are my personal Pied Piper.

So when I began making my beaded journals I smirked a bit because I felt I had found a way around my obsession and I made these “rules” to keep me safe.

1. Only purchase beads for journals I am making now
2. Only enough for the journals I am making now.

These rules have worked well for me until I ran across these multifaceted glass beads that made me feel like I was looking into a clear pool of water on a quiet afternoon, sun shining, birds chirping and flowers blooming. Okay, so I have an active imagination… I didn’t have a journal to match them up to but I had to have them.

A little while later I was visiting a store that carried Venetian glass beads. Venetian glass beads are amazing. The colors are so clear. The interior foil shines through the glass encasement, enhancing the colors rather than masking them. There were only a few of these precious gold foil beads available and it was no use trying to tell myself that I was only going to use beads on my journals. The jewelry bug landed. It landed with force, carrying with it all the colors of my garden.

Stay tuned for stories of the beads that cross my path as I add them to my store via earrings or journals. I’ve opened a door I have no intentions of closing. I hope you like them.


Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Hi Liane,a friend of mine used to be majorly into making jewelery and I know all too well her adventures with what ended up being Too Many Beads, lol. By the way, thanks for subscribing to my blog. You are the 100th follower and it seems like you should win something... but I got nothin', lol!

PrairieGarden-Liane said...

Ha! That is so funny.
I need no gifts, but it was a sweet thought!