Sunday, March 14, 2010

Songs of Spring - here little birdy!

Robins from GollyBard

One of my favorite things about summer is sleeping with my windows open and waking up to the sound of bird calls. I long to know who I am hearing and would love to find a site that has recordings of the bird calls of the Midwest.

Red Winged Black Bird from BirdNerd

In the last few weeks I’ve been hearing bird songs through my tightly shut windows and it's making me smile. Some say seeing robins hop about the ground looking for worms is the first sign of spring. Others say it is the red winged black bird calling "Conk-a-reeeee. Conk-a-reeee." or the chickadee’s “Phee-be-be”. For me, just hearing birds reminds me of why I love spring and it's promise that summer is coming.

Wonderfully Rustic Bird Houses from Bird House Accents

Found a great blog called Tails of Birding, it's where I obtained the above bird calls. Throughout the months ahead I know I’ll be searching this site. And I’m sure my neighbors will really love hearing me practice the sounds aloud. Of course I'll be chanting the bird calls just to see if they match up to what I’m hearing in my garden. Come on…I know you were doing it too....all together now... “Phee-be-be”…. “Phee-be-be”….

Chickadee from RockyTopStudio


holly aka golly said...

Lovely spring collection! The birds are chirping wildly in the morning! It's a good sign that spring is upon us! Thank you for featuring my painting!

mina said...

those bird houses are adorable! i want one.

PrairieGarden-Liane said...

They are sweet.

Thanks for stopping by Mina!