Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meaning of Life and the Lotus

If you’ve seen my journals or spent time with me you know I love quotes. They make me ponder my past, present and future. My favorites are quotes that make me smile, illustrate philosophies I would like to emulate or just plain ole make me think. In January I started posting a Quote Of The Day in my etsy shop. If you’re into it, swing by and check it out for fun.

There is a quote I have had in my journal for several years that’s a bit of a mystery. Most people I share it with look at me oddly and a few seconds later say....”what does it mean?”. To be honest my interpretation changes from time to time.
Here it goes:

At dawn I asked the lotus
“what is the meaning of life?”
Slowly, she opened her hand
With nothing in it.
-Debra Wooland Bender

Does it mean there is no meaning to life and we all think too much?
Does it mean the meaning of life is whatever you imagine it is?
Does it mean...........?
Sprinkled throughout this posting are lotus images from some wonderful Etsy Studios. Click on the photo to check out their wonderful stores.


Anonymous said...

I read this saying for the first time on a Trollbead booklet.. I was sO amazed.. Finally I found a quote that says EXACTLY how I see life. I'm 21 years old but I thank God He has given me the understanding that life is truly what u make it..

With lots of thanks
Sibakhile 'Sparkles' Xulu

Anonymous said...

The rest of the poem was written quite awhile afer the first part, which is a poem in itself. Thank you for the first part :) - Debi

White Lotus
DW Bender, 2008

At dawn I asked the lotus,
"What is the meaning of life?"
Slowly, she opened her hand
with nothing in it.

Receiving what is given,
She does not grasp to retain;
In the heart of the lotus,
what is ever lost?

Her cup overflows with light:
The cosmos rests in her palm.
When darkness settles on her,
she enfolds the sun.

At dusk, as her petals closed,
I whispered, "Why must we die?"
The lotus vanished, and all
turned into her dream.