Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Year Pillow Cheer

Don’t you just love finding surprise gifts in your mailbox?

Over the holidays we had a bit of a family reunion. Relatives from Southern California made the road trip to the Midwest and we were able to meet nieces and nephews for the first time as many of us had not seen each other for about 15 years. It was wonderful and I do wish we somehow lived closer. It’s January in Chicago...take a wild guess who is willing to relocate right about now?! :-)

In one my chats with my aunt, she mentioned a bright orange Indian pillow cover she had run across from her travels and wondered if it was something I would like. We were gathering at my parents so we had the discussion of my color palates and I described my home as Bohemian Tuscan (my own made up genre). I love the warm spicy tones and intricate detail of most East Indian designs and was all for this addition to my “interior design”. I tried not to have any expectations as to what it may look like and if it would ever make it to the post office. I promptly stored it away in my “isn’t it nice she was thinking of me” memory banks.

Well, when I opened my door this weekend what did find but the pillow cover. And how perfect it is! I had just finished knitting the front of another new pillow cover (backing is yet to be would think that would be the easy part) and it actually picks up the colors of that perfectly. Love the bright yellowy orange. It brightens up the post Christmas blahs and it perfectly fits on the pillow I kept turning over because I didn’t care for it. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am, in less than 2 minutes I had transformed my sofa.

Took these pics to include with my thank you note to my aunt. I wish I could be a bit more like my aunt. She thinks of thoughtful things for others and she actually follows through on them. Something to aspire to!

Side Note: Did you know in California they just plant what they want, when they want??? I was asking when was the better time to plant spinach (spring /fall planting here), tomatoes etc and they said you plant what ever, whenever. So lucky! Now any other Californians reading this, let me know if you have also found this. I had always thought you still had “seasonal” plantings.

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