Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Quest for a Clean and Simple Home

What is about helping someone move or clean their house that inspires you to purge and reorganize your own home? My brother recently moved and my mother and I trekked to Minneapolis to help him downsize. Choosing the items to sell and what could and should be kept was not pleasant nor easy for him. We do become attached to our possessions, they can become a part of identity and give us a sense of security.

On the long road back to Chicago I began going through my home mentally. Several years ago I downsized on living square footage to opt for a single family dwelling and the holy grail, my own garden. When I made the move I stuffed my oversized furniture into my little house and my basement, determined to figure out how to fit it all in. Well, it’s 4 years later and I came home to finally rearrange my living and dining room in a manner that suits the house and me. It has resulted in two pieces that will not fit anywhere (never did, no matter how hard I tried) nor will they fit into my basement …narrow hallways and lots of corners in this little abode.

One of the pieces is an overstuffed, yet unbelievably comfortable chaise made by Mitchell Gold. The other is a contemporary neoclassical entry table made of burled mahogany and stainless steel that I adore. I am quite distressed to say goodbye to it. Alas, I have no plans to ever move so it’s time to make the hard decisions. Craig’s List was a successful venture in Minneapolis, we will have to see how they do in Chicago. It will sad to say good-bye to these pieces but I am sure there is a home that will welcome them and I certainly can use a little more breathing room. It is time to begin living more simply. They are just possessions after all…

Have you had any pieces of furniture you’ve had to let go of that were a bittersweet good-bye?

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