Thursday, November 12, 2009

PrairieGarden- 2010 Calendar

Okay folks, we are hitting the holiday season and while I try not “push my products” on this blog…if there was ever a time to do it, it’s the holiday season.

So! I hope you will forgive me but over the next weeks I will promo an item from my Etsy store(s) now and then. Just want you to be aware of your shopping options :-). So here it goes…

Come and get it!
Your very own personalized 2010 Calendar. Send me a list of your family’s birthdays/events and I will incorporate them into the calendar. Now, you can get the calendar without any personal dates should you prefer….no pressure…just options. Each month is a different photo from my collection. It’s a great way to have a bit of garden on your refrigerator all year round.

Okay…that’s end of this public service announcement…this week anyway…

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