Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunflowers & Grasshoppers

I’m thrilled to say grasshoppers seem to enjoy my garden. Luckily not so much they are a pest, but instead a curious visitor. Last year they liked the Butterfly Bush, this year it seems the sunflowers are the preferred destination.
This is the first year I have tried sunflowers in my garden, for some reason I had scoffed at sunflowers in the past. But I’ve decided they are a welcome and exciting bloom late in the season. This year it is the Moulin Rouge and Goldy Honey Bear (above). Both are keepers. I tried “directly sowing” these in my garden but the birds apparently made a nice dinner of the seeds. Thankfully and ironically one of each variety survived. Next year these seeds will be started in the basement along with my tomatoes and Chinese Forget Me Nots.

I'm not positive the image to the left is a grasshopper...what do crickets look like? All I know it popped by for a welcome visit at my home office window. Click on the photo to see it better and it's...interesting expression. Hmm...perhaps it was saying it was time to clean windows?

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blake said...

Ah, sunflowers! I also recently decided that I had misjudged them in the past. They are just so happy. I plan on growing lots of them next year... will heed your bird story as a warning against direct-seeding! Have you ever grown them for the seeds (for eating)? I remember doing so as a kid--the last time I grew these beauties.