Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tourist for a Day: Door County Wisconsin - Bailey's Harbor

Well, I’ve been planning to put together an entry on DoorCounty Wisconsin. It’s one of my favorite places to go. My family has been going to Door County Wisconsin every since I was about 7 years old. When we began going to Sister Bay (one of the many villages along the peninsula) there was just one, may-be two restaurants. When they put in the first tennis court it was a very big deal. The atmosphere has certainly changed over the years.

For anyone going I wanted to put together a list of my favorite places I’d love for you to seek out. Turns out, that list is quite long and I’ve decided I had better give you the information piece mail, perhaps by town. And it’s also too much for me to bring to you in one entry. So…over the next few weeks I’ll drop in an entry here and there for you. Fall is one of the most popular times to visit “The Door”…hint, hint…

Nita’s Garden Gate
Nita has a wonderful garden. For her, digging and setting up a pond and waterfall seems to be a quick afternoon project. She also has nesting birds every time we come up, by the photos you can see it was spring (see photo at the top of this entry).

I have some Robin’s nesting at the entrance to my garage. Nita clued me in that with robins I can come and go freely without danger to them or me. What a relief as they apparently have two broods every summer and she advises they will be there until October.

I purchased an ancient looking (but new) bird bath. Perfect for my tiny garden and it only took a few days for the birds to place it on their regular daily route. I just rearranged my home office so I can look out at it and see the birds sipping the water and taking turns having a bath. I wonder if they are really as patient as they seem with each other. They appear to line up and as one leaves another takes it's place. One day I even saw a robin and a sparrow in the tiny bath at the same time. Neither seemed to mind. I was amazed, perhaps it's not so uncommon?

Be sure to check out Nita’s garden art, fountains, bird feeders and more.

Espresso Lane
Truly some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. They get their beans from Alterra, which is a Milwaukee Beanery. If you haven’t tried Alterra Coffee yet, you’re missing out.

Espresso Lane has great homemade egg sandwiches. One afternoon I picked up a delicious tuna gouda sandwich on the way to meeting my brother and nephew at the Whitefish Bay State Park.

On a nice day, sit on their porch and Wi-Fi in to catch up on your emails. Great view of Lake Michigan.

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