Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BUTTERFLIES - flowers with wings

Who doesn’t want herds of butterflies floating and darting in their garden? For most gardeners they are the cherry on the sundae. I’ve noticed that each year we do have more and more varieties stopping by for the pollen buffet. Personally, just as in our human society, the more types of people / butterflies in our environment, the better off we are.

This seems to be the most prolific time for these beauties. We are lucky to witness their precious, if fleeting, lives. Many butterflies live for only a few days, some a few weeks or months, very few for longer. Below are some tips I’ve found to be successful.

Water – have locations in your garden where there are shallow, still puddles of water. Even better are mud puddles as butterflies obtain nutrients and salts from the mud.

Basking Points – have stones in the sun where the butterfly can warm itself and dry the dew off its wings.

Mass Planting – butterflies are nearsighted, plant in groupings of 3 or more so they create a stronger impact for your butterflies to notice. It also happens to look better for garden aesthetics!

Staggered Blooming- - Ensure you have butterfly inviting flowers blooming all season long and in areas that get five to six hours of sun a day. If the plants can be sheltered from the wind it’s that much better for our delicate friends.

Have fun watching the show!

Note- these are excerpts from my garden guide found in my Etsy store

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blake said...

great tips! I've never heard of such specific butterfly-friendly practices... will put them to use!