Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Living Walls

Last night Doug Wood from the Wicker Park Garden Club gave a lecture on an exciting new type of gardening where you grow your plants vertically, on the walls of buildings. It’s currently suited for more temperate zones than my lovely Chicago winters, but rest assured the botanists are looking for our version of this growing phenomenon (yes, the pun was intended).

The people that started this new type of gardening are urban gardeners who had little ground space and their only options were walls. It’s also perfect for the ecologically minded individuals/ companies that want the garden wall to absorb the heat of the sun to reduce air conditioning and we all know plants help reduce pollution. There are even architects designing buildings that have walls of gardens that are food crops for the people living inside (wow!) as well as taking advantage of the benefits of energy conservation.
As expected this also evolving into creating design statements as well. One of the design leaders is Patrick Blanc, a botanist from Paris. He has constructed absolutely beautiful pieces of art. These photos are his work.

Click on Wicker Park Garden Club to learn more!

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