Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father’s Day!

My parents came over for lunch to celebrate Father’s Day. It’s fun to cook for my parents, they are always appreciative and it’s an opportunity to try out some new recipes. As we sipped Kirs we had a simple sautéed swai fillet (a river catfish), cilantro rice and an arugula salad with lemon parmesan vinaigrette. For dessert a homemade lemon ice cream and fresh strawberries.

I was exhibiting at a garden walk art show in Batavia yesterday and one of the other artists had these amazing river rocks with openings for a single stem of flowers. Love them and hope to take some photos to exhibit in my Etsy studio. My Mom and I purchased one for my Dad. I must say my poor Dad accuses me of buying my Mom gifts disguised as gifts for him. I hope he is not correct! This vase by John Janunas is really like a sculpture. It is a vase…but still quite manly. I love it and he seemed to be thrilled with it as well. He is quite the gardener. I typically don’t cut any of my delphiniums but thought a stem was perfect for his vase and he deserves it. I hope it makes it home okay...

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