Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Tip: Coffee Compost Tea

For a gentle high nitrogen fertilizer (especially good for plants with yellowing leaves) mix ½ pound of wet coffee grounds and 5 gallons of water, let sit outside to “steep” and come to room temp and then poor liquid into the earth surrounding plants. If you work in an office where coffee is being made through out the day this is a perfect way to obtain large quantities of grounds!

You can also spread coffee grounds directly on your flower beds and it’s a great nutrient booster, worms love them (you'll practically see the coming up just to roll in the grounds) and it’s especially great for acid loving plants. Put them on your house plants too! Save your coffee grounds each week and place them in a “to go” container in the fridge. Place in the yard on the weekend at your leisure.

Another way to obtain large volumes of coffee grounds is to go to your local Starbucks and ask them for their grounds. If they don’t give them to you ask how you can contact the Starbucks Green Team and they will get your Starbucks “in the program”!

***Please note the Starbucks watercolor is by Amarice Mills and her work is found on Visit her site to find other pieces of her artwork!***

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