Monday, May 4, 2009

Master Gardener

My Master Gardener class courses are complete. I loved reading about one of my favorite subjects, gardening, but I must admit I’m relieved to be done with the course work. Not because I didn’t love it but with my day job, my Prairie Garden Store, my Prairie Garden Studio, my own garden to weed (and weed, and weed some more) have me at the end of an exhausted rope.

Now I have my volunteer work for the remainder of my internship. Actually the volunteer work will be the continuity of the Master Garden Program as giving back to the community is really what the program is all about. Last Saturday was my first time volunteering. I worked at the Oak Park Conservatory Plant Sale and had a wonderful time. It was great to meet other avid gardeners and talk with customers discovering some new plants for the first time. It brought me back to my retail days as a store manager for Williams Sonoma….back when they were devoted to hiring only true gourmets. Talking to customers who truly want to discuss and learn more about their passion is a wonderful way to spend time. My cookware is a bit dusty, but my shovel and trowel surely are not….in fact I think I’ve already misplaced my trowel. I keep scanning the garden looking for the red handle poking up in the dirt! …I’ll keep you posted on my progress….

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