Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring is finally Emerging

Certainly spring snowfalls threaten at any time but the promise and certainty that spring will finally arrive is here. I am yearning to work on photos of the spring ranunculus and pansies. Finally I have growth in the garden to record in my journal. So far the crocus and the miniature iris are the only bloomers, but the daffodil buds are getting larger by the day.

Today I made my first homemade Chai with the ingredients from the TEASOURCE in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I was in Minneapolis visiting family recently and my sister told me about this “wonderful little tea shop” in St. Paul on Cleveland Avenue. I made a run to the area, to visit a few of my old haunts from when I lived there, and stopped in. They have an impressive selection of teas; I picked up a few and had a Chai to go. On my way to my car I took two sips and promptly turned around, went back to the store, proclaimed this to be the best Chai I’ve ever had and asked how I can duplicate it at home. So good!

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Tish said...

It was wonderful to have you visit sister~! You must do it more often. ^_^