Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Patience – The Daffodil

Woke at dawn to photograph the overflowing daffodils in my garden. Many were planted several years ago. Trying to be frugal, I buy only 3 or 5 bulbs of each variety at a time. I’m thrilled that they are dividing and spreading so nicely. Times like these are the pleasant reminders that patience will pay off.

It also reminds of having patience with my photography. Taking a good photo of a daffodil has always been a challenge. I’ve been trying for years and the digital image the Narcissus Sound Daffodil, above, is the only one I’ve liked thus far. This one was taken last weekend. Hopefully one from this morning will also work out.

If one of this morning’s images is a “winner” it likely won’t hit my Etsy store until this weekend. This is because I like to print the potentials on multiple different papers to be sure which looks best and what is appropriate for sale. What sometimes looks great in the camera lens or on the computer screen doesn’t always cut it when actually printed. It’s amazing how many photos have to be taken to get just one that works.

Many years ago I took a black and white photography class hoping to improve dramatically afterwards. The instructor advised us that ultimately the only thing that will improve our photography is to take as many photos as possible and eventually we will see results. At the time I felt quite disappointed and disillusioned by this answer. However, I must admit he was right. Taking photos that please you are certainly about light, angle and focus. But what also is required is patience, perseverance and a bit of luck. There is no magic wand to wave; it slowly develops (no photography pun intended!). Luckily there are few things that make me happier than adjusting my camera around an image, looking for that one shot that makes me smile.

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