Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The chives are up!

I have to be careful with chives in the garden because they can get out of control quite quickly. The previous owner of my last home had an entire grove of chives and I don’t think it was intentional. I prefer a pleasant little clump of chives, both in how it appears and that amount is more than enough for me and my culinary adventures.

My neighbor, a devoted gardener, is able to keep her chives consolidated to a nice round crop. I admire her discipline as every weekend any straying plant that cannot be relocated is removed along with the weeds. I, on the other hand, get almost weepy if I pull out a plant and don’t have someone to give it to. This is something I will have to learn to get over as last year’s garden was brimming over.... I can only guess what this summer will yield!

A tip I picked up when planting chives (and any other invasive plant) is to take a gallon container from some plant I purchased previously, cut off the bottom, dig a hole, put the plastic container (a cylinder at this point) into the ground, fill with garden soil and my chive plant. It comes back every year in that container in a perfectly round shape, the edges of the container are covered in dirt and mulch (so no one has to know) and I don’t have to kill a blade of chive. Everyone is happy.

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